Image above, is of a very young Clyde Barrow
in a rare photo which is showing his tattoos

Image above, is of Clyde Barrow - after death
showing a better view of a girl's face tattoo

Clyde had (5) tattoos...Bonnie had (1)

Bonnie & Clyde's Tattoos
Clyde had a heart & dagger with the initials "EBW"-outer arm
(was probably the initials of his ex-girlfriend Eleanor B. Williams),
a rose & leaves-left shoulder, a shield & anchor with the initials
"USN"-left arm, (although he was never in the Navy), a girl's face,
bearing the name "Grace"-right arm. the name "Anne"-left arm.
Bonnie had a tattoo above her right knee on her thigh, of double
hearts which contained the names "Bonnie & Roy"

It was Bert Grimm who is reputed to have tattooed (both).
I find that unlikely, since Bonnie had gotten her's, before hooking up
with Clyde Barrow. Bonnie had only one tattoo, "Bonnie & Roy".

Tattoo Legend Bert Grimm

still from Warner Bros. movie

In the Warner Bros. movie, CW Moss shows off his own tattoo

Cool modern day Bonnie and Clyde arm tattoo