Above all else, know this. Guns did not separate gangsters from lawmen. Both sides chose the same guns for the same reason. What separated good guys from bad was "...their choice in life, and character..." Meanwhile, you may wish to view all of  the above and some the other roads that I have traveled. You may do so on The History Channel. Tune in on April 11 for Greystone Communication's opening episode of  the new "Tales of  the Gun". We did not make it complicated. We just called it "Gangster Guns". Enjoy.

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Special thanks to Gordon Heringstad, author of  Colt Thompson Serial Numbers, for his assistance with this article. Kudos and plaudits to Bill Helmer, Rick Mattix, and Don Thomas for same.

Lamar Cheatham of  American Enthusiasts stands in front of  B.A.R. author Jim Ballou in "Gangster Guns" live fire sequence using two 1918 BARs -- Michael Mathews photo

Forbes Mathews holds 1921A Colt Thompson while Producer Tom Jennings of  Greystone Communications sets Rob Rainey's cameras -- Michael Mathews photo.


Special thanks from the Hideout to Rick Cartledge, for sharing this wonderful insite, into what looks to be a fascinating History Channel Presentation.

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Michael Mathews
Missouri State Highway Patrol (authentic Barrow scattergun)
Phillip Young