Open Letter

I hope that you enjoy your visit. I appreciate all of your great e-mails
and would like to thank all of the visitors to the Hideout and all who have
taken the time to sign my guestbook. It means a lot to me to know
you, your thoughts, comments and input. I would also like to thank all of
my friends of the Hideout, who have contributed to it's ongoing success.
Thanks to all of those who have supported me and encouraged me along.
If you have visited the Hideout before, be sure to refresh the pages to
make sure that you can see the latest changes. It would be a good idea to
bookmark the Hideout's address. Be sure to visit the "Tattler" for updates.

Thank you, Gracias, Danke, Merci, Grazie

(For the curious) Here's a couple of photos of myself

Me, checking out Clyde Barrow's "death hat", on one
of my visits to the John Dillinger Historical Society.

Frank Ballinger 2010