Possible "Lost" Bonnie Parker Picture Found
Circa 1934 photo was obtained in a Houston, Texas sale

Hideout contributor Wade DuPree possesses this fantastic photograph, which we believe is that of Bonnie Parker.
On the back, it is ink stamped with a logo from Fox Photo of San Antonio, and is approximately 2.5" wide by 4" high.
The lady subject's likeness to Bonnie Parker is striking. I've seen many photographs of Bonnie Parker, and in them
she has displayed a variety of looks! She has appeared soft and attractive in some, and likewise, has looked haggard
and hard boiled in others. One things for sure, she has (pardon my pun) always dressed to kill. By 1934, she had come
to wear fancy, light colored apparel and fashionable headwear. Due to her dibilating leg injury, she had to depend
on someone bracing her up, or she had to lean against the car while posing. Bonnie can be seen in other photographs
cocking her right foot to one side. The car in the backdrop does appear to be a 1934 Ford, such as favored by
Clyde Barrow. The woman in Mr. DuPree's photo is about the same height and also has the same shape as Parker.
Mr. DuPree and myself are very open to hearing what the Hideout visitors think about this particular photograph.

Research into this photograph is currently under way, and no positive claims are being presented here.

Hideout visitor Richard Hinton believes that she could possibly be Bonnie's sister, Billie Jean Parker Mace.
The photo at the lower right is the one he pointed out, which shows many similarities in hair style, dress and pose.
If that's the case, the photo would have to have been taken shortly before her unmerited arrest in the Grapevine Killings.

The Hideout has been getting many comments about this picture. It's a 50/50 split among respondents that it's Bonnie.
I was planning to remove this posting, but decided to create an ongoing debate amongst yourselves. ~ Frank R. Ballinger

Wade DuPree collection

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