Are you a fan of the Seinfeld show? If not, you probably won't fully get this section.

The pizza slice eventually washed up on shore.
And guess who found it!

I'll tell you Jerry, it was amazing! I was at the beach, removing a golf ball from the
blow hole of a whale, when this young red headed boy handed me this slice of pizza.

Better make sure that Poppie didn't prepare, that, pizza. If you know what I mean.

I make a something a special for you Jerry!

Poppie didn't even pretend, to wash his hands!

Poppie make a this pizza pie a specially for you!

Oh my God, Jerry! I gotta get rid of this slice, before I get food poisoning!
I'll tell you, it's going right in the trash can. Right in, Jerry!

So it did

Oh Jerry, I don't feel so good! It must have been that slice of pizza I found in the trash can.

You're telling me, you ate, the pizza slice out of the trash can?!

I'm gonna die Jerry!

Kramer ate that slice of pizza I threw out?

I seem to remember George, you eating an eclair that was thrown away

He just had to remind me. Didn't he?!

Out of the trash can?


Yes, right out of the trash can.

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