The Hideout Time Machine takes you back in time, by way of wacky and fun items and also interesting
videos and songs from days gone by which I've gathered from various YouTube videos out there!

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What?...stinkin' commercials?!!!...Yes!...but I'm sure you'll enjoy these.
Be sure to grab a nutritious Swanson's TV dinner to eat while watching!

1950s *Good & Plenty* Candy Commercial

Hawaiian Punch Commercial 1960's-70's

1950's Kool Aid Commercial

Coke keeps you thin! 1961 Coke commercial

Atlantic City "Boardwalk Empire" 1930s

Drive - In Movies

Carnival Of Souls 1962 - Full Movie

Drive - In Movie Ads From The 50s and 60s

Sold at Drive-In movie theaters, these were a must on a hot summer's night!

Drive - In Movie Ads From The 50s and 60s

"Motorcycle Gang" Movie Trailer 1957
In this flick you'll see Carl Switzer, better known as "Alfalfa" in the old "Our Gang" series.
"Alfalfa" was killed during a fight over $50 he felt someone owed him regarding a lost dog.
Carl Dean "Alfalfa" Switzer August 7, 1927 January 21, 1959

Alfalfa clip here

1950 Zenith "Porthole" Television

Lincoln Assassination Eyewitness (Feb 9, 1956)

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