Bonnie and Emma’s graves December 2007

It’s hard to have learned so much about these 2 ladies, to be in their presence...and not be
filled with emotion. I felt proud to leave flowers for both.. as well as for Cumie Barrow.

“Buster‘s” grave

Clyde and Buck’s graves

The original base for the granite portion of Clyde & Buck’s headstone which once stood vertically, lies just in front of
the marker as it appears now. With Clyde’s headstone having been stolen 3 times, its’ now encased in cement and embedded.

Henry and Cumie’s graves. Again...special feelings here

“Jack’s” grave

Western Heights Cemetery, Oak Cliff... West Dallas

The Barrow family graves are located in the left rear corner.. near the tree with yellowing leaves.

The Henry Barrow Star filling station December 2007

It’s still here, and not in bad shape. Others and I are discussing how to best protect this the extensive re-development of Oak Cliff is presently occurring all around it

Barrow station front door

Barrow station overhang

Barrow station and residence from side yard