"My name is Major J. Crowson. I am called at the Eastham State
Prison Farm 'Long Arm Man' or 'Backfield Man', and on the morning
of January 16, 1934, Olin Bozeman was carrying No.1 squad. I was
riding a horse and I was in front of Bozeman's squad. It was about
7:15 a.m. when Bozeman called me and said 'Raymond Hamilton has
jumped my squad.' and I said 'Boy that is for something.' and
Bozeman said 'Yes it is.' Joe Palmer was in Boss Bozeman's squad
and he pulled an automatic pistol. It was a .44 or .45, and Joe
Palmer shot me in the stomach he shot at me once while I was riding
away. When Joe Palmer pulled his gun on me Joe Palmer said 'Don't
you boys try to do anything.' I never did get my hand on my gun,
and I never did shoot at Joe Palmer or any other convicts that was
in the squad. After I was shot I rode to the camp and told Captain
Mozingo that I was shot and shot bad. I am positive that it was Joe
Palmer who shot me."
(Court case document contributor Stephen Rothschild)

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