JANUARY 6, 1933

Police were investigating a bank robbery in which Odell Chambless, a friend of Clyde Barrow's was involved.
It was rumored that he might show up at the West Dallas home of Raymond Hamilton's sister Lillie McBride. The
lawmen had hoped to apprehend Chambless should he show up there. Lillie's sister told the officers that Lillie
wasn't home. (she had actually been visiting Raymond, who was in prison at the time) The lawmen opted to remain
at the home in the hopes of catching the fugitive. At around midnight a car slowly pulled up to the McBride
house and then drove away, however moments later it had returned. A dark figure exited the car and approached
the porch of the McBride home. It was Clyde Barrow and when he realized that it was a trap he pulled out a
shotgun and fired at the window. Malcolm Davis, a deputy from Tarrant County ran to the front of the house just
in time to catch the second blast from Barrow's weapon When the shooting began, the Barrow car took off. It was
believed to be occupied by either Odell Chambless or Bonnie Parker and W.D. Jones. Clyde Barrow ran into the
darkness and made his good his escape. Deputy Malcolm Davis died from his injuries before reaching the hospital.

Odell is the brother of Mary O'Dare


In photo above - Chief of Detectives Bill Decker "acts" out the
role of Clyde Barrow in this reenactment done of gunning down
of Deputy Sheriff Malcolm Davis.


photo courtesy of Jamie Farrell
Over the years, Dallas had realigned and annexed itself which had it's
effect on a number of streets. The McBride house is currently located
at 3111 N. Winnetka just around the corner from the Barrow Filling Station.
Also in the neighborhood is Floyd Hamilton's house located at 3018 N.
Crossman and the Hamilton Family House located at 1201 Singleton Blvd.

Eulogy for Deputy Sheriff Malcolm Davis, Tarrant County, Texas
By: Pastor Frank P. Cluver Sr.
Funeral conducted in Fort Worth, Texas

The tragedy of Davisís death should not be possible in this civilized age
and no man or woman should be clothed with the power to turn loose upon the
public those who murder and rob, but people get just what they demand. I have
the deepest respect for men who try to keep peace in this world and protect
the public. We are too ready to criticize officers of the law. We do not always
realize how much their protection means. They risk their lives and too often
give their lives for our peace and security. No greater honor is due the soldier
who dies on the field of battle than is due a peace officer who lays down his
life for our protection. There may be born out of this tragedy a blessing which
may come years after the grass is green on the grave of our friend. 

courtesy of Dan Truex