In the Warner Bros. 1967 movie Bonnie and Clyde, the character of
C.W. Moss was a combination of both W.D. Jones and Henry Methvin.

Henry Methvin had become a close associate of the Barrow/Parker gang sharing
in their many robberies and killings. It was in Methvin's neck of the woods that
while Barrow was seeking out a piece of property to purchase for his family in
an effort to provide a safe haven for family get-togethers that the trap was set.

It is documented that John Joyner had served as the go-between in the attempt by officers to set
up Bonnie and Clyde for the kill by using the Methvins as bait. After the successful ambush, Henry Methvin
had received a pardon from the State of Texas. Oklahoma wasn't as forgiving and for the killing of Constable
Cal Campbell, Oklahoma had tried Henry. Henry had received the death sentence. A later appeal (1936) had his
sentence reduced to life in prison. Methvin served 10 years of that sentence before being granted a parole.

Henry's life was nearly snuffed out in a near fatal knifing attack possibly because of his supposed part in
"fingering" his ol' pals Bonnie & Clyde. After his parole he lived in Bossier City, Louisiana and operated
his own restaurant near Minden, later working at a munitions plant. He took to arming himself in the belief
that he was a target of revenge for the deaths of Barrow and Parker. One day in April of 1948, while in a
drunken state, he either fell upon or was laid upon the train tracks where he was cut in half by a passing

Earlier in 1946 Ivy Methvin was on a bus from Shreveport after visiting his son Henry who was in the hospital.
For some unknown reason he got off at an earlier stop and was later found seriously injured by the road side.
He died shortly after being taken to the hospital. It had been thought that he may have been struck by a car,
but the family believed that he was beaten to death because of his involvement with Bonnie and Clyde's deaths.
Like Henry's death, Ivy's remained unsolved.

Above, from left to right is Clyde Barrow, Henry Methvin and Raymond Hamilton

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