Bonnie Parker, Roy Thornton and friend, Annie McKeon (circa 1927)

When Bonnie Parker met Roy Thornton she was only fifteen years old. One year later they were married Bonnie had gotten a
tattoo above her right knee on her thigh, of double hearts which contained both of their names. Roy, a criminal himself was away
from home for weeks at a time. It's thought that he may have had a gal by the name of Reba Griffin on the sidelines. Bonnie finally
got fed up and their marriage fell apart. However they never divorced. She still wore her wedding ring until the day she died.

Dated September 25, 1926

This is the wedding ring that Bonnie was wearing when killed.
It was returned to Emma and remains with the family today.

Dear Diary,
Before opening this year's diary I wish to tell
you that I have a roaming husband with a roaming
mind. We are separated again for the third and
last time. The first time, August 9-19,1927; and
the second time, October 1-19, 1927; and the third
time, December 5, 1927. I love him very much and
miss him terribly. But I intend doing my duty. I
am not going to take him back. I am running around
with Rosa Mary Judy and she is somewhat a
consolation to me. We have resolved this New Year's
to take no men or nothing seriously. Let all men
go to hell! But we are not going to sit back and
let the world sweep by us.

January 1, 1928. New Year's nite. 12:00 The bells
are ringing, the old year has gone, and my heart
has gone with it. I have been the happiest and
most miserable woman this last year. I wish the
old year would have taken my past with it. I mean
all my memories, but I can't forget Roy. I am very
blue tonight. No word from him. I feel he has gone
for good. This is New Years Day, Jan. 1. I went to
a show. Saw Ken Maynard in The Overland Stage. Am
very blue. Well, I must confess this New Years nite
I got drunk, trying to forget. Drowning my sorrows
in bottled hell.

January 2, 1928. Met Rosa Mary today and we went
to a show. Saw Ronald Coleman and Vilma Banky in
A Night Of Love. Sure was a good show. Saw Scottie
and gave him the air. He's a pain in the neck to
me. Came home at 5:30. went to bed at 10:30.
Sure am lonesome.

Bonnie tried to forget how blue she was, by going
out mostly every night to see shows. In her diary,
she also mentions going out to see...
Framed starring Milton Sills, Afraid to Love starring
Clive Brook and Florence Vidor, Marriage starring
Virginia Valli, and The Primrose Path starring Clara Bow.

1920s Main Street. Big city for a little gal from Rowena!

Theater Row - Elm Street, during the time of Bonnie's likely visits there.


Roy returned again in the early part of 1929.
By this time Bonnie was eighteen years old.
Lasting one year, this had been the longest
period of time that Roy had stayed away.
Although she had been dating occasionally,
she had not found love in any man. Her love
for Roy, now gone, she sent him on his way.
Roy Thornton was killed in 1937 in an escape
attempted at Eastham Prison.


These squad buddies dug his grave when Roy Thornton 28, incorrigible Texas bad
man serving a 50 year term for robbery and burglary was killed as he attempted to lead
27 of the state's toughest criminals in a break from Eastham State Prison Farm near
Huntsville, Tex. The convicts had worked in the fields with Thornton. Central Press.

Thornton Sentenced - March 5, 1933

Thornton Escape - March 13, 1933

Thornton Escape Attempt - March 7, 1934

Roy killed - October 1937

Roy killed - another article

courtesy Keith Hunter