Clyde Barrow's Belt Buckle

Hideout Contributor - Buddy Barrow

Co-Contributor - Crystal Marie Martinez

Buckle - property of Buddy Barrow


close-up courtesy of Tom Methvin

When Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker were ambushed in Louisiana in 1934
this silver belt buckle was among Clyde's personal belongings. Henry Barrow
and his oldest son Jack Barrow went to Arcadia, Louisiana to claim Clyde's
body. Clyde's bloody clothing were put in a sack, and his other personal
items were given to Henry. The bloody clothing was washed by Jack Barrow's
wife, and Cumie Barrow had them put in a cedar chest. Clyde's clothing and
other items (except the belt buckle) were kept in this chest for over the
next sixty years.

Henry kept the belt buckle for himself as a memento of his son. This silver
belt buckle was well crafted with the five-pointed Texas Star in the center
surrounded by abalone shell. The letter B uniquely engraved in the middle
of the star. According to Clyde's younger brother, L.C. Barrow, the buckle
was made by Clyde during his brief stay in prison. A year before Henry Barrow's
death he gave the buckle to his grandson.

When Marie Barrow and her family went to the Gibsland, LA's Bonnie & Clyde
Festival in May 1998 only a few saw the buckle for the first time in sixty-four
years. The buckle and many other items were put on display during the 2001
Texas State Fair, Dallas Historical Society's Exhibit, The Legend of Bonnie & Clyde.

These types of buckles were popular with men in the early 1930's. There are
several photos taken of Clyde in 1934 with him wearing this belt buckle. It's
hard to believe that this buckle managed to survive Clyde's many escapes
and the ambush itself without disappearing. It is the only item left that was
once owned by Clyde Barrow that still remains in the family.

L.C. Barrow's Son,

Clyde Barrow (right in photo) seen wearing this belt buckle

Photo above shows a close up of Clyde's belt buckle

This section provided courtesy of Buddy Barrow & Crystal Marie Martinez