Trooper Ronald L. Carey, 29, and his partner, Trooper David C. Yarrington, 24, died while attempting to capture
two hold-up suspects at the Concord Motel, U. S. Route 202, Johnson's Corner, Pennsylvania, on January 5, 1972.

Ronald L. Carey 1943 - 1972 (left in photo)
David C. Yarrington 1948 - 1972 (right in photo)

Troopers Ronald L. Carey and David C. Yarrington were killed in the line of duty while investigating
an armed robbery which had occurred at the Tally-Ho Motor Lodge on January 5, 1972. The troopers were
checking the Concord Motel for the suspects and had observed a car in the parking lot, with its motor left
running. The troopers confronted Irving Hogg, a convicted felon from Ohio, and his female accomplice,
Marilyn Dobrolenski. A scuffle insued when Troopers Carey and Yarrington attempted to apprehend Hogg.
It ended, when Dobrolenski shot both of the officers. The suspects had led police on a 14 hour manhunt.
A Maryland Trooper shot and killed Hogg during a high speed chase and Dobrolenski was apprehended in a
Maryland beanfield following the pursuit. Trooper Carey was pronounced dead on arrival at Delaware Division
at 3 am on January 5th. Trooper Yarrington died at the same hospital at 2:20 am on the following morning.
On June 27, 1972, Dobrolenski was sentenced to die in Pennsylvania’s electric chair for the slayings of
the two Troopers, but her sentence was later commuted to "Life" by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

5209 Concord Pike - Wilmington, Delaware

Just like Bonnie and Clyde, this incident had taken place at an out of the way Tourist court.
The Tally-Ho Motor Lodge has since been changed to Days Inn, another popular retreat.


At 3:41 A.M. on January 6, 1972, the following message was broadcast
over the State Police radio: "To all cars, Trooper Yarrington expired
at 2:45 A.M. this morning." Trooper Yarrington, 24, a fellow classmate
of Trooper Ronald Carey, became the second policeman killed in the
hold-ups of two Pennsylvania - Delaware state line motels.

Carey was 29 and Yarrington was 24 slightly younger.

Wheeler was 27 and Murphy was 23 slightly younger.

Carey preceeded the younger Yarrington in death.

Wheeler preceeded the younger Murphy in death.

Both Patrolmen had guns still holstered.