Clyde's letter to Henry Ford???

Through the years many inquiries have been made in respect to the authenticity of
the much publicized letter which was supposedly written by Clyde Barrow to Henry Ford.
Below is the letter to Ford - compared to yet another of Clyde Barrow's letters...

On the left is Clyde's reputed letter to Henry Ford - dated April 1934
On the right is Clyde's letter to his mother - dated November 1931
Each letter was written within two and one half years of each other.
Did Clyde become a more proficient letter writer, just one month before his death?
Compare the signatures, styles and lettering - especially the "B," "C" and "W."
The letter on the left is much neater and free flowing - with larger lettering,
and the letter on the right is sloppier, with compressed, smaller lettering.
Was the letter on the left just an elaborate scheme thought up by an enterprising
"PR" man who may have been working at the Ford Corporation at the time?......and
did the sales of the Ford V8 - increase - upon receiving this letter of praise?

But...what about the possibility that it may have been Bonnie who had written
the letter - on Clyde's behalf! I've included a partial sampling below, which you might
also compare with the letter to Ford. Bonnie's handwriting is indeed a much better
match to this letter...however - pay special attention to her capitol letters - especially
her capitol "B" and "S". Who knows...perhaps this may be "Bonnie's letter to Ford"!

If not that - then they could always show off John Dillinger's similar letter to Ford!


Bonnie's handwriting sample - courtesy of "The John Dillinger Historical Society"

One month later, in May of 1934 - Ford Motor Co. had received a letter reputed to have
been sent to them, by none other than bank robber John Dillinger. This letter had all the
makings of an attempt to further advertise their product - via endorsements from these
noted outlaws who were almost daily, making big headlines in newspapers nationwide.
The John Dillinger "letter of praise" - sent to Henry Ford - was proven to have been a fake!

Hello Old Pal,
Arrived here at 10:00 AM today. Would like to drop in and see you.
You have a wonderful car. Been driving it for three weeks. It's a treat
to drive one. Your slogan should be, drive a Ford and watch the other
cars fall behind you. I can make any other car take a Ford's dust! 

John Dillinger

The Real Letter

(source derived from
Hidden for more than 75 years is another letter from John Dillinger to
Henry Ford, predating the public one and with a stronger historical backing.
This letter is postmarked from Minneapolis, Minnesota on May 6th, 1934.

A typewritten copy of the letter was discovered by Jalopnik in Henry Ford's FBI file, acquired through the Freedom of Information Act

Archives staff confirmed the original was quietly in Henry Ford's possession before being
passed on to the Henry Ford Museum; unfortunately, it's currently in such bad condition that
it's unreadable by the human eye. Only with the use of infrared scanning techniques was a
conservationist at the museum able to make out the text, which confirms what's in the FBI file

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