Crowds gather outside of Conger's Furniture Store and Funeral Parlor

Undertaker Charles Francis "Boots" Bailey embalmed the bodies in the back room.

Bonnie's gun discovered by Mr. Bailey

Conger's Furniture Store and Funeral Parlor before it was demolished.


In a macabre expression of showmanship, one enterprising gentleman had
offered the grieving parents $50,000 for their son's body, with the intention
of mummifying it for the purpose of displaying it throughout the country.

Tale of the morbid lawman

"I'll take that and send it to my barber friend"


DR. J.L. Wade
medical doctor and coroner
Bienville Parish


one gold wedding ring on third
finger of left hand

small watch on left arm

a three acorn brooch on dress, in front

The acorn brooch worn by Angelina Jolie in Clint Eastwood's 2008 flick "Changeling" is strinkingly similar to Bonnie's acorn brooch.
I wonder if the leaves and possibly one of the acorns were lost in the mix of things that went down that fateful morning. I always thought
that Bonnie's brooch was sort of bare looking, considering the long stems leading to the acorns and minus leaves, as one would expect.

Another thing I had noticed, linking Bonnie and Clyde somewhat to the movie "Changeling", is how Angelina Jolie's
charactor bears a striking resemblance to Clyde Barrow's arm tattoo of a girl's head

one small catholic cross under dress

red dress and red shoes

tattoo of two hearts with arrow, above the
right knee, names Roy on right side, and
Bonnie on the left side

shot in left breast, going into chest

shot 4" below ear

another shot, entering above the right knee

two shots front leg

two shots right leg

gunshot wound around edge of hair, 1 1/2"
above the left ear

another through the mouth on left side,
exiting at top of jaw

another at middle, just below left jaw

another above clavicle, left side, going
into the neck

another entering chest 2" below the inner
side of left shoulder

two shots about 2" below left shoulder,
fracturing the bone

another wound on elbow of left arm

another entering left chest above the
heart, breaking ribs

six shots entering 3" on back region
left side

five pellet wounds about the middle of
left side

cuts from glass on the left ankle

cut on top of left foot, apparently from

cut on center of right thigh

cut 6" in length, about 3 1/2" center of
right leg

eight metal fragments centering across
the front of face

exit wounds 6" on the inner side of
right leg

flesh wound underside of right knee

bullet wound right leg about middle of
outer right knee

wound on center of ankle about 2" above
back of foot

gunshot wound to bone of first finger

another to the middle finger

gunshot wound entering fleshy portion of
left thigh

eight bullet wounds striking almost in
parallel line on left side

three parallel lines of bullets striking
right side of back from base of neck to
angular right capular to middle of back
bone, one striking midway of back,
breaking backbone

note: Although not in the coroner's report,
it was rumored at the time, that Bonnie was
two and a half months pregnant when killed.



on the right arm, tattoo picture of girl
under which is written Grace

on the inner side, an anchor and shield
with initials "USN"

on the left forearm, a dagger through a
heart and the initials "E.B.W."

on left shoulder, a rose and leaves

gunshot wound in head, center front of left
ear, exiting about 2" above right ear

one entering edge of brain above left eye

several shots entering left shoulder joint

small glass cut at joint, first finger of
right hand

seven small bullet wounds around middle of
right knee

a number of glass wounds
bullet wound right leg, about middle of outer
left knee

bullet wound on exterior ankle

wounds about face

wound 2" above back, a great hole

gunshot wound, back of first finger.

another wound, middle finger at bone,
severing the member



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