Crandall, Texas Filming

portions below credited to Explorer Multimedia Inc. and the Warner Bros. 1967 "Bonnie and Clyde" movie

It was at East Church Street and South 4th Street in Crandall, Texas where
Eugene Grizzard was sitting with Velma Davis and witnessed Clyde stealing his car.

The house across the street where Eugene saw Clyde (Warren Beatty) stealing his car

House as it looks today. Red dot shows where Love birds, Eugene and Velma were sitting.
Still on the right shows actor Gene Wilder diving over the ledge onto the lawn.

Corner of South 4th and East Church
As Velma and Eugene turn corner to chase down the car thieves.

above movie stills are from Warner Bros."Bonnie and Clyde."


Seen in Route 66 "1800 Days To Justice" starring George Maharis and Martin Milner.

Stills from Route 66 taken at "Harcourt Junction" (South Main Street, Crandall, Texas)

The top and the above two stills on the left are from television's "Route 66" episode

In the Warner Bros. movie Bonnie and Clyde, you see Beatty and Dunaway leave what was supposed to be Arcadia, Louisiana
after spotting the laws. They then drive off into the ambush. That scene was filmed on South Main Street in Crandall, Texas,
where you can see the old Harcourt Bank building in the background, That building is currently home to Crandall Salon & Day Spa.
In the 1999 film "Boys Don't Cry" Starring Hilary Swank, the same building is seen when the car full of youths drive into town.

South Main Street in Crandall, Texas served as Arcadia, Louisiana for the movie.
The store front to the left shown in right photo had served as "Arcadia's Dept. of Water and Power" seen in Warner Bros, "Bonnie and Clyde."

still from Warners Bros. Bonnie and Clyde on the left and television's "Route 66" episode on the right.

During the filming of the Arcadia scene above left.
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Behind the scenes still from Warners Bros. Bonnie and Clyde.

Scene from the 1999 movie, "Boys Don't Cry" starring Hilary Swank

Left still from "Boys Don't Cry". View as it looks today is the on right.

Bonnie and Clyde leaving town

Left still from Warner Bros."Bonnie and Clyde." View as it looks today is the on right.


still from television's "Route 66" episode

In "Route 66" a woman (actress Marion Ross) at the filling station (white building seen below left) crosses railroad tracks and heads towards the main town

above left stills from television's "Route 66" episode

Same woman rushing towards the town. For artistic license, this scene was filmed from a different direction (from today's E. Holly St.)

above left stills from television's "Route 66" episode. View as it looks today on right.

Actors George Maharis and Martin Milner pull up to pumps

Since the time this episode of Route 66 (1962) and Warner Bros. Bonnie and Clyde (1966) filming, the other side of South Main Street has vanished.
The scenes below are from both filmings. You can see the Fire Department in the background in both, "Route 66" and "Bonnie and Clyde." Also, in
the still, below right, you see the taller building before it was destroyed by fire. It also shows the hardware store from the "Bonnie and Clyde" movie.

above left and right stills are from television's "Route 66" and middle still is from "Bonnie and Clyde."

Same taller building seen from other angles.

above stills are from television's "Route 66"

Fire Dept. Enlarged Image

A Bullet for Pretty Boy

South Main Street in Crandall, Texas. This section of town can be seen in several movies throughout the years,
including the Warner Bros. movie, "Bonnie and Clyde." In 1970's "A Bullet for Pretty Boy," a bank robbery
was also filmed here. The bank that got robbed in that movie, is now home to the "Crandall Salon & Day Spa."

stills from "A Bullet for Pretty Boy" and the same view today.

In the "1800 Days" episode of Route 66, you can still see when the trains crossed over South Main Street, even in 1966.
The train comes through and stops by the railroad depot near the white filling station. You can see the R.R. Crossing
signal in the still (below left) if you look in the area just above the black truck's trunk. The train track would
have been located between West Holly Street and East Trunk Street, which both cross South Main Street.

stills above are from "Route 66"

still on left is from "Route 66" and the same view today is on the right.

The van seen below on South Main Street, is crossing the railroad tracks towards West Holly Street in 1961

above movie still is from television's "Route 66"

The same site in modern times


In the scene where Bonnie (Dunaway) is running through the cornfield, because she's upset about not seeing
her momma, was filmed at the outer edge of West Trunk Street, near Trinity Road in Crandall, Texas

Same stretch of West Trunk Street was also used for the scene where the Barrow gang get followed by victims Eugene
Grizzard and Velma, after they make off with his car while the two were necking on the porch. Image below shows the
the two young lovebirds, turning around, after thinking twice about persuing the possibly dangerous car thieves.
Note the Crandall, Texas water tower spotted in the, not too far distance. It can be seen in several shots during filming.

Barrow gang decide to turn around and chase after the young couple.

above movie stills are from Warner Bros."Bonnie and Clyde."

West Trunk Street was used previously in the 1961 filming of Route 66

Seems the exact spot, shown in the Route 66 filming below, was used by film makers again in 1966, below left.

still above left is from "Route 66"

still above left is from Warner Bros. "Bonnie and Clyde"

still above is from Warner Bros."Bonnie and Clyde"

Small bridge on West Trunk Street is seen in the blink of an eye in the Route 66 episode (red arrows) and today (right photo)

still above left is from "Route 66"