Death Car Exhibit Diorama

Hideout friend, Chuck "Muddboss" Flynn always amazes me with his craft skills!
One example is demonstrated below. From a vintage photo of a Bonnie and Clyde
"Death Car" exhibit, he created a very realistic diorama - complete with scale death car.
If I didn't know better, I'd swear that I was looking at the actual life size exhibit at night.

Vintage photo of the exhibit

Diorama of that exhibit

A peek inside

Muddboss's YouTube Exhibit Video

Barrow Family Filling Station Diorama
I can't say enough about Chuck's various projects. Below is yet another of his cool diorama projects.
He puts his heart into keeping the Bonnie and Clyde story alive, and I really appreciate his contributions.

And don't forget the cool "death car" hauler!

Charles Flynn's Blogspot
Chuck is a diehard Bonnie and Clyde FANatic, who incorporates his artistic skills
in an interesting site that he put together in presenting Bonnie and Clyde to you.