Clyde Barrow (head resting against the door)
just minutes after the ambush, May 23, 1934
Some weapons can be seen on the car's roof,
having been placed there by the Ambush team.

MAY 23, 1934
The ambush site was surrounded by dense
woodlands. The road that Barrow and his companion
would be traveling that day, was long and straight.
The sun had just begun to rise on the early morning
hours of Wednesday, May 23rd 1934. After spending
the night in the Louisiana woods, being tormented
by mosquitoes and chiggers, the members of the posse
were ready to call it a night, but decided to wait
another half hour.

Just then, they heard the distant sound, of a car
approaching at a considerable speed. Bonnie Parker
was sitting on the passenger side, eating a sandwich
and reading a magazine. Clyde Barrow was driving in
his stocking feet. He had noticed his friend's disabled
truck, on the side of the road and pulled over to offer
assistance, not knowing, that this was just a ploy,
by the lawmen to ambush them.

Bonnie, upon seeing movement in the bushes, screamed!
The sound of gunfire broke the morning stillness.
The impact of the bullets,  sent the shattered pieces
of the windows flying through the air. Clyde raised his
Browning rifle to fire, but never got off a shot,
The gun had jammed. As the volley of bullets met their
targets, the back of Clyde's head exploded and at the
moment of death, his foot slipped off of the clutch
pedal, causing the car, which was in low gear, to roll
about thirty feet, before crashing into a ditch.

The view inside showed Clyde's head snapped backwards,
mouth open, and blood streaks splayed across his face.
Bonnie's small framed body, slumped forward, her right
hand blown completely away. The bloody map of Louisiana,
lay on the seat beside her.