Shortly after the Joplin incident, both Clyde and Buck asked their mother to try and get back their property that was left
behind at the Joplin apartment. Clyde asked especially about the return of his guitar. Cumie failed to recover these items,

Had life taken a different course for young Clyde Barrow, he might have been better know for his musical talents,
rather than his skills with a Browning Automatic Rifle. Clyde's saxophone is known to have been recovered from the
car in which he was killed, and evidence of it has been seen, but how about his guitar which was found at the Joplin
apartment, which has been documented along with Buck's pardon papers and the widely distributed photos the gang
had taken of each other? Buck's Marmon automobile was conficated by the laws and sold to provide some financial help
for the dead lawmens' families. Did Clyde's guitar end up with the same fate? - Or is it in someone's private collection.

John Neal Phillips' notes from Blanche Barrow's published memoirs

Marie Barrow Scoma's recollection about Clyde's musical ability as found in "The Family Story of Bonnie and Clyde."

They say if you listened real hard, you could hear "My Melancholy Baby" emanating from the woods!
It was Nell's husband, Leon Hale, a musician who had taught Clyde how to play the saxophone which Nell presented to him.
Found along with his arsenal (seen in photo) was the case protecting Clyde Barrow's prized saxophone (private collection).


Considering Clyde made 30 cents an hour when working at Proctor & Gamble, the $9.50 price tag on such an item was hefty!