Known as the gun that killed Clyde Barrow
Courtesy of The John Dillinger Historical Society"

Prentiss Oakley used this same model weapon to bring down
Clyde Barrow. He had borrowed the gun from local Arcadia
dentist, Dr H. Shehee. Clyde was approximately 25 feet away
when shot in the head with this weapon. Bonnie Parker was
at his side...
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Also shown below, alongside a non-firing Model
1918 B.A.R. and the original hat worn by Clyde
Barrow, when ambushed in Louisiana.
The Remington Model 8A, is an autoloading rifle,
and chambered in .35 caliber, with a special order
pistol grip buttstock.
The Remington Model 8A and Clyde Barrow's authentic "death hat".