1601 Chalk Hill Rd.

"The neighborhood essentially taught us to leave it alone, and we did" - Randy Dumse
image courtesy of Jamie Farrell

Randy Dumse, president of "New Micros,Inc" was kind enough to supply
the information about his building's history. The building which was
purchased by Mr. Dumse in 1987 has the distinction of being the former
schoolhouse of Miss Bonnie Parker.

In 1887 the "Horton Ranch" had deeded the acreage to the county for
a schoolhouse. The first school was wooden and was later replaced by
this cement structure in 1916. Located east of Chalk Hill Road which
runs north and south between Singleton (formerly Eagle Ford Road) and
Davis two miles to the south.

The 4,000 sq.ft. building has an inscription over the eastside front
entrance which reads "Eagle Ford District 49". There's a "Boys" entrance
on the north side and a "Girls" entrance on the south side and an
auditorium in the back. At each of the entrances are half-story stairways,
one going up to the classrooms and the other going down to the basement.

It is in this basement where the former owner found one of Bonnie
Parker's report cards. The school has three classrooms. It was rumored
that two classes were held in each classroom. There are two bathrooms in
the basement and one large room on either side used as a playroom on
rainy days.

Word has it that the boys and girls were kept in separate areas. The
teacher's offices were on either side of the hallway near the front
entranceway. The exterior of the schoolhouse is ruggedly built with a
roof consisting of 5" thick steel-reinforced cement. The walls are about
14"-16" thick, and made of two layers of 1'x2'x5" cement bricks and
having 6" of cement poured in between the two layers of wall.

It's little wonder that the building has been used as a shelter
in case of a tornado. The cement had come from nearby Cement City, the
town in which Bonnie Parker was raised. Several people have stopped in
the former schoolhouse and confirmed Bonnie's attendance at the school.

Some were former school teachers and some were former students of the
school. President Randy Dumse has told me that after numerous attempts
to renovate the exterior of the building and then having it bulletriddled
again, they finally gave up. Seems that the building, being a Bonnie &
Clyde Memorial of sorts, is constantly being shot at.

image courtesy of Jamie Farrell


courtesy of Sandy Jones
To view a copy of an original letter which was
written by Bonnie Parker's school teacher, shortly
after Bonnie's death in the Louisiana ambush...

Same letter translated here!