Image above is of a very young Clyde Barrow in a rare photo which is showing his tattoos

Image above is of Clyde Barrow - after death
showing a better view of a girl's face tattoo

color tattoo is still from History Channel's movie Bonnie and Clyde.

Clyde had (5) tattoos...Bonnie had (1)

Bonnie & Clyde's Tattoos
Clyde had a heart & dagger with the initials "EBW"-outer arm
(was probably the initials of his ex-girlfriend Eleanor B. Williams),
a rose & leaves-left shoulder, a shield & anchor with the initials
"USN"-left arm, (although he was never in the Navy), a girl's face,
bearing the name "Grace"-right arm. the name "Anne"-left arm.
Bonnie had a tattoo above her right knee on her thigh, of double
hearts and arrow which contained the names "Bonnie & Roy"

It was Bert Grimm who is reputed to have tattooed (both).
I find that unlikely, since Bonnie had gotten her's, before hooking up
with Clyde Barrow. Bonnie had only one tattoo, "Bonnie & Roy".

Clyde in 1926

Photos loaned to UTSA by Henry J. Williams, nephew of Eleanor B. Williams

Clyde in 1929

For whatever reason, young Clyde was a member of the Metropolitan Recreation Club
in Dallas. Perhaps he wanted to enjoy a good swim in the pool, or hit the Billiard tables.
Maybe, just maybe he wanted to lift weights to build up his slight physique!


Young Clyde in sailor suit
(although he was never in the Navy)

photo to the right shows sailors in 1917. Clyde's suit was from that time period

Rare young Clyde and sister in clown suits

Tattoo Legend Bert Grimm

still from Warner Bros. movie

In the Warner Bros. movie, CW Moss shows off his own tattoo


Cool modern day Bonnie and Clyde tattoos

My personal favorite