Yesterday's Memories Magazine
"A Time Machine To The Past"

I've found "Yesterday's Memories" to be a treasure trove of fascinating reading!
I enjoy reading about the "good ol' days" and always find articles each month,
in this little magazine that opens up the door to the way life use to be.
Each month, there's photos of a "Mystery Item" or a "Mystery Car" that invites
readers to try and identify them. There's always wonderful "nostalgic" snapshots
from the readers, and even the ads have the flavor of the days gone by!
But, best of all, there's always the fascinating stories and bits of trivia.
~Frank R. Ballinger~

Here's just a few of the stories - told in YM Magazine...

Most families had three bedrooms and a bath,
but some, only had a flashlight and a path!

The Moonshine Look-Out

The Calaboose
If this old Missouri jail could talk,
what tales it could tell!

Family Feud
The Hatfields and McCoys

Annie Oakley
Separating fact from fiction

The BB gun showdown of 1958

Gathering at the storm pit

Custer's Lost Treasure
Who holds the secret to Custer's lost treasure?

Sittin' up with the dead
Not only did friends and neighbors "layout" the body,
they also brought food to the family members of the
deceased and sat up with the dead!

just one of the "nostalgic" photos submitted by YM readers

just one of the "mystery cars" posted to identify

one of the issues featuring Baby Face Nelson

Two part feature "The Hidden Truth" about John Dillinger
by Dillinger's relative and Hideout friend - author Tony Stewart

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