Barrow Escape Gun

Premier 32/22 Rim Fire Pearl Handled Revolver
Serial Number 84515

This pistol was advertised as a 32/22 pistol by Premier, because
when you purchased this, it came with a 32 and 22 barrel and cylinder.
The Company was purchased by Remington and this item was discontinued.

My husband had worked at a local paper company located next to the canal for 35 years,
and when the dam failed in the late 90s and the canal was drained, he along with other
members looked for the missing pistol without success. They found many objects dating back
to this era and never found the pistol. If Mr. Barrow had thrown the weapon in the canal,
as told, it would have been located in the canal on Central Avenue, because this was the only
road that was from Middletown to West Middletown. In later years he met with Hazel Gentry
and discovered the gun and was told the story which had been told many times. Kathi Gebhart

The story behind Clyde's lost gun in Middletown Ohio.

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