Now, it's the site of the Arlington Baptist College,
this place, at one time, from 1930 to 1949, was known as
Top o' the Hill Terrace, a notorious gambling joint where
many of the well known underworld figures were known to
frequent, Bonnie and Clyde included. The building had secret
doors and passage ways. In the 1940's, it was sold and became
a tearoom, until it was torn down and replaced by an
administration building for Arlington Baptist College. 

SARGENT'S STORE in the 1930's

The first Sargentís Store, a two-story building located where Slickís Grocery is now located,
was later moved to 275 Market Street which now houses Sun Newspapers & Printing. Sargentís Store
was located in that building from 1921 to about 1935. Sargent had a gas station on Main Street
where Bonnie and Clyde purchased their gas while in the area. The overhang that covered the gas
pump area was covered with decorative tin ceiling tile and the front of the building had large


In Mckinney, Texas, the stomping ground of Ralph Fults and Raymond Hamilton, Bonnie
and Clyde were reputed to have used Wood's Cafe on Tennessee street as a hangout. Now
the home to The Book Gallery.


Located in Canton, Texas, the Dixie Hotel, built in 1915
was a rest stop where Bonnie and Clyde cooled their heels and
played Dominos to take their minds off of their troubles.


Alcalde Hotel (taller building) can be seen at the far left in below vintage photo
The outlaws were reputed to have stayed in Room 207 of this hotel, which was established in 1926. 
Located on Saint Paul Street in Gonzales, Texas. Their stay was cut short when the laws dropped by
for a visit, forcing them to make a hasty retreat down the second floor fire escape to the alley.
There's no evidence of a fire escape now, and Bonnie would have likely had a hard time getting down.

Time stands still
Nothing has changed much. You can see where the "Piggly Wiggly" store was.

The Alcalde Hotel is the taller building located at the far left of the photo shown below.

"Booth & Lewis" store is still in business and the "Hoskins Men's Wear" signage remains on the building's facade as it did long ago.

Street scene enlarged here


Bonnie and Clyde were reputed to have stayed above the old River Grocery and Market building
on North Burnett Street in Wichita Falls, Texas. An old wooden staircase on the left side of
the building had led to six boarding rooms with a single bathroom and kitchen area.

The rooms are very small and most of everything there today is original. Bonnie and Clyde
were said to have had an arrangement with the local laws. They would leave the outlaws alone
while they were in town, as long as they didn't cause any trouble while there.

Built in 1925, the downstairs served as the River Grocery & Meat Market for the River District
and Downtown Wichita Falls. According to one of the previous owners, the upstairs has been known
to be a brothel, which would explain the extremely tiny rooms and odd layout. The building was
bought in 1996 and turned into a BBQ Restaurant which was called the Neon Spur. Before that, it
sat vacant for a time. It still has the original tin ceilings and most of everything else as well.


The Bungalow Tourist Park almost surrounded the grocery store with campsites, mobile homes
and cabins. It was known to be a hangout for the gang on occasion. Raymond Hamilton had a
girlfriend in Wichita Falls named Mary O'Dare, and Bonnie once told her momma that she was
headed for Wichita Falls where there was a new cafe opening up. But above all, this market,
with it's overhead rooms was quiet and it was also easy for them to get supplies while there.