APRIL 30, 1932
Clyde Barrow had worked at an auto top company with a youth who had an elderly relative by the name of John Bucher
who ran a combination filling station and pawn shop in Hillsboro, Texas. Clyde had been there several times before with
the youth from the auto top company and remembered seeing a safe in the rear of Mr. Bucher's establishment. Clyde,
Raymond Hamilton and a young tough by the name of Frank Clause set out to drive the sixty miles to rob the old man.

Clyde Barrow crime associate Frank Clause

FRANK CLAUSE (photo above)

Wanted poster seeking both Frank Clause and Clyde Barrow for the Bucher murder


In 1927 Clyde, Buck Barrow, Sydney Moore, and another youth, Frank Clause started robbing businesses
in and around Dallas, Hillsboro and Lufkin, Texas, including the Buell Lumber Company. On April 30, 1932
Clyde, Raymond Hamilton and Frank Clause robbed JN Bucher's store near Hillsboro, Texas. Less than a week
later on May 5, 1932 Clyde Barrow and Frank Clause also held up a couple of filling stations in Lufkin, Texas.

In the earlier years, as members of the "Root Square Gang" in Houston's
5th Ward, Clyde Barrow, Raymond Hamilton and Frank Clause often took to
stealing cars, breaking into local businesses and heisting their small

Clyde had remained outside in the car to avoid being recognized by Mr.
Bucher who had known Clyde to be a visitor in the past. It was shortly
before midnight when Ray and Frank awakened Mr. Bucher and his wife from
their sleep to come down and open up the shop to "sell them some guitar

After complaining about how late it was, Mr. Bucher finally relented and
went downstairs to let the men into his shop. After receiving the twenty-
five cent guitar strings they handed Mr. Bucher a ten dollar bill which
required him to open up the safe in order to make change.

As Mr Bucher didn't have his eyeglasses with him he called to his wife,
to come down and turn the combination on the safe. Once the safe was opened,
a nervous Raymond Hamilton pointed his gun at the elderly shopkeeper and
demanded it's contents.

In a moment of panic the gun accidentally went off. The bullet had struck
Mr. Bucher in the heart killing him instantly. The two bandits then ran from
the store after taking about forty dollars and some jewlery.


Lawmen reenacted the robbery as seen in photo below

According to Floyd Hamilton, J.N. Bucher's son worked with Clyde at the Auto Tops shop and convinced Clyde
that his father's business was an easy target to rob. Clyde had told Floyd that as he was robbing the man, a shot
rang out and he (Clyde) started running. He said that Clyde shot back but he didn't think he shot Mr. Bucher.
He just shot back to stop from being shot himself. Floyd said that the boy's mother and sisters were a little retarded
and had the minds of a two year old and he thinks that the boy shot his daddy and had hoped to put the blame
on Clyde. He figured that the boy thought that if his daddy was out of the picture that he would inherit everything.


Clyde Barrow crime associate Ted Rogers

Rogers later admitted to fellow inmates that it was he who had killed Mr. Bucher


Much awaited book detailing the murder of Barrow Gang victim J.N. Bucher - AVAILABLE APRIL 2008
It will contain copies of all the documentation which survived the court house fire in Hillsboro,
State Archives findings, plus info from the family and also some never before seen photographs.

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