No Image of the Mystery Photo Found

No images of the 1930’s Bonnie Parker photo, said to have been signed by her, and documented sold at auction years ago have been found. If authentic, this Bonnie signature may exist only within the collection of a “closet” collector. However caution is always in order, since some Bonnie and Clyde artifacts sold over the years have not been genuine. Such was the case with a purported tablet of Bonnie’s poetry bought by The Red Man Museum for $64,000, where actually, the poetry had been transcribed by a family member...and my favorite example of B&C artifact injustice...a photo of Barrow relatives said to have been inscribed and signed by Clyde, which sold for $19,000, in which “none” of the people within the photo are identified correctly!!...sadly remarkable.

Bonnie’s “Lost Poem” To the Rescue

Having cast doubt on all Bonnie Parker signatures known, our investigation was left with “no” viable Bonnie scripts for comparison. The event which provided comparative signatures, was the release in 2006 of Bonnie’s lost poem “The Street Girl”...offered at auction within the effects of Blanche Barrow‘s Estate. Bonnie’s mysterious multiple signature configurations on the verso of her typed poem, provided our inquiry with 2 complete Bonnie Parker signatures for forensic analysis. Although placed for auction amongst Blanche’s belongings.. the family has confirmed, Bonnie’s poem which may have been Blanche’s and later passed down to Billie, or could have been Billie’s all along...was found in “Billie’s” possession upon her death. One way or another, “unquestioned” family provenance of this fabulous treasure of Bonnie‘s lost poem...has eliminated any doubt of authenticity, for these “oh so rare” Bonnie Parker signatures.

“The Street Girl” (page 1)...a lost and unpublished poem by Bonnie Parker.
Image provided by Michael Riley of Heritage Auction Galleries

“The Street Girl” (verso) with signatures. It is supposition within our investigation, as to whether
Bonnie may have been experimenting with pseudonyms for her poetry?? Her sister Billie’s middle name
was Jean, but spelled with a J...& Bonnie’s middle name was Elizabeth. However two complete Bonnie
signatures “are” present, both written in her most unusual and tell tale “vertical” style.

The Forensic Handwriting Analysis of Emily J. Will, CDE

Known for her uncompromised excellence in Forensic Document Examination, Emily J. Will CDE is no stranger to high profile cases & controversy. In addition to her expert courtroom testimony and appearances on networks such as The History Channel, Ms. Will was the Certified Document Examiner hired by CBS to examine the famous President George W. Bush National Guard memos.

In finding troubles with these documents, Emily J. Will stood her ground, as CBS officials first pronounced the memos authentic, and then were forced to recant their belief in the dubious memos...which resulted in the CBS scandal so well known today.

In selecting from the highly qualified CDE candidates for the critical task of forensically examining The Bonnie and Clyde Signatures, I was impressed by Ms. Will’s handling of the George Bush Memos scandal. When she questioned validity of the purported Bush documents, based on doubt in some of the signatures, and also proposed superscripting which appeared within the documents, was not an available technology when the memos were purportedly is said CBS encouraged Ms. Will to limit her inquiry to network guided parameters. To this suggestion Ms. Will refused...telling CBS producers “when she examines a document, it’s her practice to examine all parts of the document”.

Emily J. Will’s thoroughness, integrity and reputation were well demonstrated thru her CBS/President Bush National Guard Memos Investigation. This example of character & exacting nature on her part, were proof of the personal and professional characteristics I felt “essential” for this challenging forensic application. Re: The B&C Signatures...

Ms. Will asked that her role be limited to her strength within forensic handwriting analysis, and suggested she be part of a team effort which should include other material science testing as well. While noting the “scarcity” of comparative scripts of Bonnie Parker & Clyde Barrow...Ms. Will examined The Bonnie & Clyde Signatures in November 2006.