Interesting photo Mr. Jones!

What can you say? This is a strange and interesting shot of Clyde Barrow preparing to pose for a photo in front of his car.
Although things didn't work out as planned for this one! The sun wasn't quite right and W.D. Jones was quick to snap the pic.
Clyde got somewhat blurred and distorted as he was moving into place. I've tried to imagine all the little aspects going on here.
It appears as though Clyde has a pistol in his left hand and is pointing it to his left temple, as if to fake a suicide type pose. It's
likely that it's Bonnie's upper torso (white coat) as she's walking in the background, just behind the car, maybe on a slight hill.
Pistols not properly displayed in the car's front grill. Officer Tom Persell's prized handgun (bone grips) seems to have originally
been displayed in the car's front grill and later took the place of the dark handled pistol shown hanging on the hood ornament.

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Anywho, We can be glad that this photograph wasn't simply discarded :)