Hamer's first shots hit both Bonnie and Clyde. Bonnie screamed like a panther. Hamer looked down at the girl.
"I would have gotten sick, but when I thought about her crimes, I didn't"

"I see her falling out of the open door, a beautiful and petite young girl who is soft and warm, with hair carefully
fixed, and I smell a light perfume against the burned-cordite smell of gunpowder, the sweet and unreal smell of blood".
Ted Hinton's recollection in the book AMBUSH

The body of Bonnie Parker was taken to Conger's Furniture Store and
Funeral Parlor two hours after the ambush near Arcadia, Louisiana.

Bodies as they were first brought in.

above photo shows Bonnie's body being removed

Photo below shows Bonnie's Camel 20's cigarette pack on her lap.
You can also see her "small watch" and "three acorn brooch" as stated in the coroner's report

Close-up of Parker's watch, 3 acorn brooch and "Camel" cigarettes

Very eerie image!!!

Bonnie's hand destroyed

Bonnie's post-mortem fingerprint card

JULY 22, 1934

Bonnie's fluids in life and later in death!