Rare Clyde Barrow Snapshot

The snapshot originated on Lanny Medlin's Albums website.
It shows young Clyde Barrow posing with his, then girlfriend, Eleanor Bee Williams.

Lanny Medlin's mother had a copy of the picture below. It was taken in Broaddus, Texas at the home of
Mona Kindred Burkett, an aunt of his mother's first husband. The story was often told in the family, of
how they hid Clyde in their attic when the Sheriff came looking for him or the car Clyde rented in Dallas.

The above photo reflects the Hideout's restoration of the damaged original snapshot seen on Lanny's own website.
Notice how Clyde seems to be standing on a higher dirt mound to appear taller than his girlfriend!

They say that every picture tells a story. Here's the story behind this picture!

Eleanor Bee Williams Kilgore
She usually went by the name Eleanor B. Williams or just Eleanor Williams (later Kilgore)

Aug. 13, 1908 - Feb. 1, 1996

By about 1930 Eleanor married Charles B Kilgore, an attorney associate at Roark & Kilgore. They lived in Dallas, Tx. Her home, now a vacant
lot, was directly across the street from today's "Iglesia Del Nazareno" (Church of the Nazarene.) Eleanor held a job with the Titche-Goettinger
Department Store in Dallas. In later years she was employed as a receptionist for the Ford Motor Company in Dallas, Texas.

Grove Hill Memorial Park, Dallas, Texas

1933 Dallas Directory address listing

Eleanor Williams attended Forest Avenue High School.

What a demure look she has!

Clyde sported a tattoo with a heart & dagger with the initials "EBW"- outer arm (probably the initials of his then girlfriend Eleanor B. Williams)

Clyde made this mirror for Eleanor B., complete with the initials.

Clyde made this mirror for Eleanor while working at the United Glass & Mirror Co. I don't know if employees were allowed
to craft personal items while at work, or if Clyde had used his skills from his job in order to craft it at home. The mirror had
been in the possession of the Barrow family throughout the many years, sitting in Cumie's cedar chest. Did she have to give it
back at the insistance of her mother, who was not at all pleased with Clyde's involvement with the laws while in Broaddus?
It seems that Eleanor had turned out to be a decent, upstanding member of her community and lived a good life!

Eleanor's mother, Katherine Karl Williams

Her father was James David Williams and her mother was Katherine Karl (Harris) Williams.
They lived at 4608 Terry St., Dallas, Texas. Below, their home is now a vacant lot.
The house sat across from today's "Iglesia Del Nazareno" (Church of the Nazarene.)

According to a family relation, Eleanor later lived at the home shown above located on Harter Rd. in Dallas.

Starting in about 1928-29 Eleanor had worked at this Titche-Goettinger Department Store

Her parent's headstone

Grove Hill Memorial Park, Dallas, Texas

Her father's death certificate

Mona Kindred

It was at Mona Kindred's home in Broaddus, Texas (photo at top of page) that Eleanor was
staying, that Clyde had driven her mother Katherine to in a rental car that became past due.

Katherine Williams is the sister of Mona's mother

They hid Clyde in the attic when the Sheriff came.

The 1926 birth certificate for Mary Jack Burkett below, lists Monroe L. Burkett as her father and
Mona Ardell Kindred as her mother. Several of Mona's signatures can be found on this document.

Mary Jack Burkett certificate

Monroe and Mona Headstone
Hebron Cemetery, San Augustine Co. Texas

Clyde posing below left, with what appears to be the Motel T Ford rental car he failed to return.
Automobile at below right, shows a similar model in it's full view

Photo loaned to UTSA by Henry J. Williams, nephew of Eleanor B. Williams

How times have changed!
In 1926, that model of car had sold "new" for $260. Below, is an old rusted out quarter panel for that model, which went for over $200!

Eleanor's First Cousin
Lela Inez Heslep
May 25, 1908 - Oct. 13, 1977

Page 16 of A Twenty-First- Century Update identifies a gal as being Eleanor Bee Williams.
I believe that the subject of that photo was Elizabeth Winkler, sister-in-law of Clyde's sister, Artie.
The Winklers, including Artie and husband Wilber, had done a group of photos that day at the
same location. Elizabeth Winkler was about the same age as Eleanor when that photo was taken.

Throughout the 1920s Lela Heslep had resided in the Williams houshold.
Born just three months apart, they hung out together and attended the same school.

Both addresses below are from the 1925 Dallas Directory

Lela Heslep attended Forest Avenue High School.

By 1929 Lela became Mrs. Lela Inez Feuerbacher

Lela's birth certificate

Lela's death certificate
Informant on certificate was Mrs. Joel Chesney

Harry Alvin Feuerbacher's death certificate
Informant on certificate was Mrs. Lela Feuerbacher

Home of Harry and Lela Feuerbacher in later life

Lela had three children - a son, Alvin L. Feuerbacher in 1929, Charles Edwin 1939 and a daughter, Shirley F.

Alvin L. Feuerbacher

Alvin L. Feuerbacher passed away at the age of 83 on February 13, 2013, in San Antonio.

He was born to Harry and Lela Feuerbacher on April 17, 1929, in Dallas, Texas. In 1948, Alvin married Josephine
Altizer, with whom he celebrated 65 years of marriage. They moved from Dallas to San Antonio in 1964, where they
founded and operated Fiesta Travel in Alamo Heights, while Alvin continued a long career as a stockbroker.

1945 Crozier Technical High School Yearbook - Dallas, TX

Charles Edwin Feuerbacher
1956 North Dallas High School Yearbook - Dallas, TX

Shirley was born on May 22, 1934 - the day before the fatal ambush of Bonnie and Clyde.

Lovely daughter Shirley, seen below as a Senior in the 1951 North Dallas High School Yearbook.

It seems that Lela also turned out to be a decent, upstanding member of her community and lived a good life!