In December of 1932, "The Barrow Gang" took on a new member.
Sixteen year old Dallas teenager William Daniel Jones.

While in Temple Texas, Jones had spotted a brand new motor
car at 606 South 13th Street with the keys still in the ignition.

He climbed inside the vehicle and attempted to start it,
however, possibly because of the cold weather, he hadn't been
too successful. Clyde went to assist Jones in trying to get
the car started. Doyle Johnson, a twenty-seven year old grocery
clerk for the Strasburger Store in Temple, was taking a nap
after just finishing a meal. Suddenly, he was awakened by the
sound of his relatives screaming at somebody outside, and when
he got to his car, he grabbed hold of Clyde, to prevent him
from stealing the car.

While holding on to Barrow, Doyle Johnson yelled to his family
to "call the police". Barrow began screaming at Mr. Johnson to
"get back or I'll kill you"! When he continued his struggle with
the young car thief, he was shot in the neck, falling lifelessly
to the ground. Bonnie collected Clyde and W.D. in the faster
Ford V8, and together they made their getaway. Doyle Johnson died
the next day, on December 26, 1932, leaving behind a young wife
and infant son.

June 10, 1933 article in which Frank Hardy was identified as killer

Section below, including photos - courtesy of Dan Truex

Photo above shows the location of the Strasburger’s Store Number One
where Doyle Johnson had worked as a grocery clerk at the time of his death.
Mr. Strasburger had three stores. The store that Mr. Johnson worked at was
located at 18-20 South First Street. The building was later demolished for
a parking lot. It was located adjacent and to the right of the building
shown in the picture (roughly between the blank wall and the white traffic
sign shown in the photo). 

Photo above shows the home of Doyle Johnson at the time of his death.
606 South 13th Street. The auto that Clyde Barrow and W.D. Jones attempted
to steal was parked in front of the residence, parallel to the curb.