Section below, including photos - courtesy of Dan Truex

Photo above is looking west along Avenue F, east of 13th Street. Bonnie was parked
at this location and followed Clyde and W.D. in the stolen car as they rounded this
corner and drove west along Avenue F. She followed them through this intersection and
the next intersection at Avenue F and 15th Street. They then abandoned the car prior
to reaching the intersection of Avenue F and 17th Street or two blocks away from this
photo location, The abandonment location is near the white and red autos shown in the
distance on the right side of the street. Bonnie pulled up beside the stopped car and
picked them up. The three then proceeded south on 17th Street and later fled northward
toward Waco. The abandonment of the auto was witnessed by a resident that lived near
the intersection of Avenue F and 17th Street

Photo above is looking westward from the northeast corner of Avenue F and 15 th Street.
Mr. Johnsonís automobile was abandoned near the location of the auto shown in the right
lane in the photo. Police later found the Johnson auto just east of the intersection of
17th Street and Avenue F with both front doors open. According to a nearby witness,
Bonnie followed Clyde and W.D. to this location pulled up to the left side of the Johnson
automobile and opened the right door of her auto to let both men into the getaway car.
She then rounded the corner and drove southward down 17th Street to begin their escape.
In all likelihood, she pulled over soon thereafter to switch the driving duties to Clyde. 

Photo above shows the family home of Henry and Hattie Krause, 616 S. 6th Street,
who were the in-laws of Mr. Johnson. Mr. Krause was an employee of Southland Ice Company
in Temple, Texas, and he later became a truck driver. Henry Krauser as well as his son
Clarence Krause initially attempted to stop the thieves before Doyle intervened. Clarence
was visiting from College Station, Texas for the holiday when the murder occurred. 

Photo above shows the final resting place of Doyle Johnson, listed as Doyle A.M. Johnson
on his headstone. He is buried in the Johnson family plot in the Hillcrest Cemetery, Temple,
Texas. Funeral services were held at 3:00 p.m. in the family home on December 27, 1932,
prior to his burial on the same day. 



The events of December 25, 1932 resulted in another cold-blooded
murder of an innocent man by the Barrow Gang. Mr. Johnson was a husband,
father and industrious member of the Temple Community. He was senselessly
gunned down for his automobile, which was abandoned by the thieves just
moments later. The sorrow felt by the family and community must have been
great and the loss incalculable. He left behind a wife Tilda Krause Johnson.