Anyone want the last slice?

Should we go for it?

Heads yes, Tails no...

Mmmm...looks tempting.

Don't even think about it Boy Wonder!!!

It's mine creep!

You don't say!

It's mine... No, it's MINE!!!

Now for a delicious slice of pizza!


Oh no you don't Plastic Man. Spit it out.

Next stop!

As the weeks went by....
What ever happened to Plastic Man?



Oh Crap!

12 hours later...
Water, water everywhere!

Alas, the last slice sunk slowly to the bottom of the ocean!

So there I was, minding my own business, when all of a sudden
this slice of pizza floated down out of nowhere.

It's our lucky day Robin. Superman dropped that pizza slice somewhere nearby.

Oh no you don't. Give it back!

If it wasn't for me getting tangled up in all this ocean litter,
that big old shark would have never gotten my pizza slice!

What do I have to do to get that last slice???!!!

Anyone want the last boiled egg?

Joker's Gift to Batman.

Oh Batman, I insist....YOU take the last slice!

Joker Baby! You're not so bad, after all.

Watch this, Penquin!


The old rubber pizza trick. I should have known!

Riddle Me this Boy Blunder!
There were 12 kids at a party. They ordered a pizza with 12 slices in it.
They each took one, but there was still one left in the box. How's it possible?

Holy Pepperoni! I got it.
11 kids took a slice and the 12th kid took the box, with his slice still in it.


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