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Memoirs of

By Vicki Welch Ayo

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Great book detailing the murder of Barrow Gang victim J.N. Bucher.
It contain copies of all the documentation which survived the court house fire in Hillsboro,
State Archives findings, plus info from the family and also some never before seen photographs.

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With all due respect to the late author Phillip W. Steele, I look at the sources of information
provided to him, as being inaccurate and therefore the book should have never gone to print.

What a tainted book, full of mis-information! I could go on forever with examples of bogus information and mis-labeled
photographs throughout this book, but will instead give but one example of what's to be found in it. In Chapter Nine,
Page 63, it say's that W.D., Bonnie and Clyde drove to Temple, Texas on December 23 and the next day Clyde shot Doyle
Johnson several times, but missed him. W.D. Jones then fired several more rounds toward Johnson as well. This book's
version is that Johnson was very seriously wounded, but recovered from his wounds, only to be killed a month later in
Dallas. The truth is, that Mr. Johnson was shot in the neck on Christmas Day, and died the very next day, Dec. 26, 1932.

Wrongly labeled photographs in book

Page 30 Artie on right (not left) Nell on left (not right)

Page 68 Calls Maggie Farrie (sic) a "friend" of Lillian McBride. (They were sisters)

Page 65 Clyde with weapons (not W.D. Jones)

Page 76 Clyde posing with Henry Methvin (not Buck Barrow)

Page 84 Blanche with her father Matthew Fontain Caldwell (not H. B. Barrow)

Page 89 Cumie and Emma on Crime Show property, (not at a family meeting near Dallas)

Page 136 Floyd Hamilton's weapons (not weapons recovered from death car)

Page 139 Outside the Dallas Courthouse (not at Clyde's funeral)

Page 139 McKamy Campbell Funeral Home (not "Lamar and Smith Funeral Home")

"The Ballad of Clyde and Bonnie" - 1934

The following section on Matthew Henry Kleiner was initiated by Hideout visitor / friend,
Ray Isbell. More research is being made on this subject, which will result in future updates!

Following the May '34 deaths of Bonnie and Clyde, Matthew Henry Kleiner in June of 1934, supposedly concluded
a contract for the publication of a song entitled "The Ballad of Clyde and Bonnie." No copyright for his song on
Clyde and Bonnie could be found, but this one in 1966 - "The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde" - words by B. Pittman,
and music by D. Pittman - copyright Blanche Marie Pittman & Don Neil Pittman; Nov. 1965. Then of course, there's
"The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde" performed by Georgie Fame in 1967. Composers Mitch Murray & Peter Callander.

Songs by Matthew Henry Kleiner

"The Ballad of Clyde and Bonnie" (1934)

"Pretty little girls out West" (1945)

"The Germ" (1945), Lyrics by Ogden Nash

"A Christmas Cradle Song" (1946)

"Beautiful Heaven" (1946)

Dallas Morning News, June 20, 1934

news article provided by Ray Isbell

Matthew Henry Kleiner shown below

photo source - Searchers of our Past

J.C. Sullivan
Barrow "Driver"?

J.C. Sullivan was an acquaintence of W.D. Jones and he supposedly drove for Bonnie and Clyde.
He went to prison three times and escaped twice. In 1939 he turned his life over to Christ.
There is a book he put out entitled "from Crime to Christ." which was later changed to
"They couldn't kill Sullivan!" There has been interviews and news articles on Sullivan in the
1970s, about his life with Bonnie and Clyde, but I've never seen anything to prove it true!


I actually enjoy reading this book over and over again!

Famous Firearms of the Old West
By Hal Herring

Famous Firearms of the Old West

Bonnie and Clyde

Two-disc Special Edition of Bonnie and Clyde, available NOW and should retail at around $20.97.
As well as a remastered presentation from the original elements. This new release will include a
History Channel Documentary – Love and Death: The Story of Bonnie and Clyde, 3-part Making of Bonnie
and Clyde (Bonnie and Clyde’s Gang, The Reality and Myth of Bonnie and Clyde, and Releasing Bonnie and Clyde),
Warren Beatty Wardrobe Tests, deleted scenes (The Road to Mineloa, and Outlaws), and trailers.

An Ultimate Collector’s Edition will also be available for $39.92. This includes all
the above features, along with a 36-page hardcover book of rare, behind-the-scenes photos,
a 24-page reproduction of the original 1967 press book and a special mail-in poster offer.
Simultaneous HD DVD and Blu-Ray versions of Bonnie and Clyde will also be released for $34.99.

The Real Bonnie and Clyde
By Miriam Allen DeFord:
Sphere Books 1968

Bonnie and Clyde (movie tie-in)
By Burt Hirschfield
Lancer Books 1967 

The True Story of Bonnie and Clyde
By Jan I. Fortune:
Signet Books 1968

(1934 title: Fugitives)
Ranger Press 1934

The Strange History of Bonnie and Clyde
By John Treherne:
Stein and Day 1986
ISBN No. 0-8128-8256-3

Bonnie and Clyde - A Biography
By Nate Hendley
Greenwood Biographies - 2007 Hard Cover
ISBN No. 031333871X

On The Trail Of Bonnie and Clyde - Then And Now (SHP)
Edited by Winston Ramsey 
304 pages with over 850 illustrations  
By After The Battle (available now) 
ISBN No. 1870067517

Bonnie and Clyde - A Love Story
by Bill Brooks 
208 page novel  
Forge (Publication is slated for December 2003) 
ISBN No. 0765307995

"Gangsters and Outlaws of the 1930s" - Landmarks of the Public Enemy Era
By Richard Owen and James Owen
Hardcover, 150pp 
White Mane Publishing Company, Inc.
ISBN No. 1572492759

Running with Bonnie and Clyde
"The Ten Fast Years of Ralph Fults" (SHP)
PAPERBACK By John Neal Phillips:
Univ. of Oklahoma Press 2002
ISBN No. 0806134291

Bonnie and Clyde - A Twenty-First-Century Update (SHP)
1st Edition Paperback
By James R. Knight, Jonathan Davis  
Eakin Press
ISBN No. 1571687947

Blanche Barrow - The Last Victim of Bonnie & Clyde (SHP)
By Mary Ann and Robert E. Davis:
Texian Press 2001
ISBN No. 0872441253

A History of a Clyde Barrow Shotgun - And Related Artifacts (SHP)
By Robert E. Davis:
Texian Press 2001
ISBN No. 0872441261

(For the above two booklets)
Robert E. Davis - Davis Bros. website (for Texian Press) 
Robert E. Davis - Memorial notice

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Jud Collins, Director of News, WSM-TV, Nashville, and Billie Jean Parker (Moon) 1968

Billie Jean Parker (Moon) with Dallas Sheriff Bill Decker 1968

Scan of the hard to find CD version

 Side One : 
- Foggy Mountain Breakdown (Theme From Film)
- What Kind Of People Were Bonnie & Clyde 
- Billie Jean On The Road w/ Bonnie & Clyde
- The Time They Needed Guns
- The Car Wreck & How Clyde's Brother Was Killed 

 Side Two : 
- Bonnie's Outlook On Life and Bonnie's Poem
- Some Of The Things That Happened
- Billie Jean With Bonnie & Clyde
- Who Did They Rob?
- Billie Jean Parker Serving Time
- The Death Of Bonnie & Clyde
- Foggy Mountain Breakdown w/ Narration