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On May 23, 2013 a paranormal group "Friends of Dusana" out of Shreveport, Louisiana set out to capture evidence of the spirits
of Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker on the 79th Anniversary of their deaths. Among their arsenal of ghost hunting equipment was a
"Spirit Box" - a device which allows spirits from the other side to speak to the researchers. Cameras and EVP recorders had also aided
them in their mission. An EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) recorder which allows spirits to communicate with us from the beyond.

"Friends of Dusana" members Pam Morehead and Blake Gibson are also friends of mine at Bonnie & Clyde's Hideout website and are
kind enough to share with the Hideout visitors the marvelous results captured on their equipment on that dark desolate road of death.

"Dusana" is a Czech word, meaning "spirit". They are in fact, "friends of the spirit" and believe that their
technique allows them to get extraordinary amounts of EVPS and Spirit Box responses, plus many amazing images.

Below is surely compelling evidence of intelligent responses captured by Pam Morehead and Blake Gibson using a Spirit Box.

Firstly, You hear Pam say - I need a name please! - they got this result on the Spirit Box. "C BARROW".

Again, when asked - What is your name? they got this result. "CLYDE".

In the Spirit Box session below, the investigators were located just down the road from the actual ambush site..

When asked - Is your energy around me right now? the result was."UP THE ROAD".

An eerie whisper was caught saying "CLYDE BARROW, YOU ALRIGHT?" after which is a seeming reply "YEAH"..

This is an EVP session (not a Spirit Box)

Here the investigator asks - Clyde, do you remember being shot? and the reply was "A LITTLE BIT".

Clyde Barrow went by the middle name "Champion". Could this be Bonnie calling out to Clyde using a nickname "Champ?"
Could it possibly be a residual of her calling out to him at the very moment he preceded her in death?

This one sounds like a female voice saying "CHAMP".

On a lighter note, the investigator had mistaken Clyde's birthday as "May 24th" when it is actually "March 24th".
So the investigator says - Clyde, tomorrow is your birthday! and the reply was "NO IT ISN'T".

In this last one the investigator says - We're fixin' to have to go, and the reply was "BYE".

The "Friends of Dusana" paranormal team's recent research findings, has convinced me, that in all likelihood, they
had indeed made direct contact with the spirits of Bonnie and Clyde. I would like to thank Team Lead & Investigator
Pam Morehead for the contributions she's made to the Hideout website, and for sharing F.O.D.'s findings with us.
I also extend my thanks to Blake Gibson, the F.O.D. investigator who was instrumental in capturing many interesting
sound bites presented here. Real success begins with teamwork! This includes such F.O.D members like Lynn Ebarb and
Pam Frey, both being Team Lead & Investigators for this paranormal research group. Ladies first, but not to leave out
gentleman F.O.D. Investigator Craig Dickerson, another valuable asset to the group! The sound bites here are but a sampling
of many others which can be accessed at the Friends of Dusana website. I have included a direct link to it immediately below.
Before leaving here, be sure to view photos of the F.O.D. paranormal research group members mentioned above, along with
some interesting images which were also captured by the investigators. Just scroll further down the page and enjoy your stay!

Visit the Friends of Dusana website ""

(Seen left to right in photo)
Brad Klinge, Pam Morehead and Barry Klinge

(Seen left to right in photo)
Brad Klinge, Blake Gibson and Barry Klinge

Anyone and everyone who's into television shows about paranormal ghost hunters, knows the Klinge brothers, Brad and Barry.
They are the investigative muscles behind "Everyday Paranormal" and stars of the Discovery Channel's reality series "Ghost Lab".
Visit their website at: ""

The rest of the F.O.D. team

Meet Lynn Ebarb

Meet Meet Pam Frey

Meet Craig Dickerson

Prone female spirit in mist

The image seen below was captured by the F.O.D. It clearly shows what appears to be Bonnie, lying down, eyes closed

By rotating the above original photo to the left, you can see what looks like Bonnie as she lay in state following her death.

1934 image of Parker in coffin was inserted by me in order to compare the two likenesses.

Here they captured two distinct orbs by the B&C memorial marker. These were
also captured on several occassions. One orb slightly higher then the other!

Bright orange orb that was captured by the team!

Unexplained reddish mist that was captured by the team!

Death Site Revisited!

Friday, May 23rd 2014 marked the 80th anniversary of the ambush deaths of Bonnie and Clyde. The paranormal group "Friends of Dusana" lead by Pam
Morehead set out once again at the ambush site, to try and make contact with the spirits of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow. I would like to thank Pam for
sharing the results of that investigation with the Hideout visitors! I believe that they have once again been successful in their efforts to make contact.

"Friends of Dusana", spearheaded by Pam Morehead and Blake Gibson now have three new team members! They are Debra Puso, Stacie Humphries, Ranny Gunn.
Lynn Ebarb, Pam Frey and Craig Dickerson had chosen to spend more time with their respective families and are no longer involved in the F.O.D. investigations.
The Hideout wishes them all the best in their future endeavors! Revisiting the death site for this latest investigation, was Pam Morehead, Blake Gibson and Debra Puso.

During their investigation that night, the F.O.D. team captured unexplained swirling mists
and anomalous light sources around the monument that marks where the ambush occurred.

Voices from beyond

Here Pam asks - hey Bonnie and Clyde, can you come and talk to us? and a female response was "I CAN"

When asked - are you down the road? they get a clear response "YES"

When asked - would you please come and talk to us? a female response says "WE'RE HERE"

Would you have wanted to have lived and have gone to prison and get out later, or
would you have preferred to die the way that you did? response was "BLANCHE IS DEAD"

When Clyde? says "Blanche is dead", it sounds like it's said in a sad way.
Perhaps he was thinking, that regardless of the choices we make, we all die in the end, anyway!

Pam stating to Clyde - you know they are going to be here tomorrow and re-enact
what happened to ya! does that bother ya? and he clearly said "NO"
(same voice as last year) (spirit box).

Pam asked - was Bonnie pregnant when she got killed? and got a response that she was.
The response is "SHE IS STILL" followed by a baby's cry!

Pam asking - who are we talking to? what's your name? - you hear a female softly saying "DO YOU USUALLY ASK ME?"

Team member Debra Puso asked - was she pregnant? - and got a female response "I SMOKE"

"ROWENA" (Bonnie's place of birth)

Investigator Debra Puso was reading an article about the gang, where it was listing where they were born.
Rowena was not heard at that time, but later review of recordings revealed a female voice saying "ROWENA"

Perhaps that brought back a childhood memory for Bonnie.

After calling him "Clyde" throughout the night, Debra's recorder picked this one up! - a female saying "CALL HIM CHAMP"
A middle name adopted by Clyde, was "Champion" and he was likely referred to by Bonnie as "Champ"

Bonnie and Clyde, come and talk to us please. It will be another year before we can come back!
The male response was "I'LL MEET YOU THERE"

Be sure to visit the Friends of Dusana website to see more!

Friends of Dusana website ""

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