The Analysis of Joseph G. Barabe

“Unexplained” Good Karma

In a “fascinating” turn within the investigation, “both” Bonnie’s poem “The Street Girl” & Clyde’s Nov 18th, 1931 prison letter which contributed greatly to authentication of The Bonnie & Clyde Signatures, were both made public within a short time of each other in 2006...and both after more than “70 years” of obscurity!! Since any reasoning for fate, luck & happenstance have to this point remained unknown...I looked “deeper” for a way to explain these remarkable discoveries. Plus the incredible timing of these happenings couldn’t have been more intriguing...occurring “just” as forensic testing was about to begin. As a person not averse to considering an alternative idea, my mind ventured outward to the debate over Quantum Physics and its’ ramifications as a possible solution...& I found myself asking “why couldn’t it be so”?

Strangely, this sort of occurrence wasn’t unusual within our investigation. Many mysteries within this most challenging inquiry, which at first seemed so hard to figure...proceeded somehow to “fall into place”...leading to the conclusion of genuineness for this “gem” of an artifact. I guess if you’re a romantic, as I am, you’d welcome the theories of Quantum Physics being discussed...not only regarding black holes, time travel and the like...but also the potential existence of multiple dimensions, never ending human energy...and the searches for truth, in explaining the perceived crossings of energies or entities from one dimension to another.

With so many aspects of our existence not yet understood, as fantastic as it may seem...if multi dimensional theories are one day born out, they may help answer some of the most fundamental questions asked by humans, since the dawn of time...particularly re: life & death. Of course none of us will truly “know” what lies beyond, until our time arrives...but if Quantum theory is true...“human energy” never dies and “undying love“ such as Bonnie & Clyde had for one another, may still exist...& be traveling within the throes of time.

Could Bonnie & Clyde‘s ongoing energy, have somehow affected the remarkable occurrences within this inquiry into their signatures? I leave it for all to wonder & decide. Bonnie & Clyde seem larger than life within the hearts of all who are somehow drawn to them...and intrigued by the times in which they lived. Who knows...perhaps it “was” Bonnie & Clyde’s undying love “shinning” through time and space, which helped their signatures be found and authenticated. Maybe within our 4 dimensional view...fate, luck & happenstance are just mortal explanations of a higher consciousness...not yet understood??

What a Forger Couldn’t Know

Circumstantial Clues Supporting Authentication

With such historical significance at stake, although the forensic signature analysis, forensics and provenance all support authentication of The Bonnie & Clyde Signatures, it was felt important to also address a forgery scenario...& provide all evidence available, to dispel this possibility. This case uncovered “fascinating” & “remarkably rare” information...which although circumstantial in nature, may provide the added irrefutable elements of proof, in which to help this historic authentication stand the test of time. The inclusion of these critical clues into the record, makes forgery.. a “remote” possibility at best.

For a forger to have thought to create these signatures, he or she would have needed to possess “all” of the following realities...

A rare sample of “ruled” period adding machine tape to fit within and support the provenance stated.

An authentic “vertically” written Bonnie Parker signature with which to compare...of which a true example was not known revealed to the public prior to 2006...and

The obscure knowledge that Clyde sometimes but not always, signed “where he was” after his he did by inscribing Dallas, Texas beneath his script within The Bonnie and Clyde Signatures.

As you’ll soon learn, this “incalculably” rare fact was relayed by a lawman with unquestioned integrity, who knew Clyde Barrow personally. This trait of Clyde’s (until recently) was likely known to “only one” living sole. Importantly, this rare personal trait of Clyde’s is not known to have been included in any history of Bonnie & Clyde ever published!!

The Realities Precluding Forgery

The Paper

Now more than two years into the signatures’ investigation, no one to date, has been able to locate even “one” like sample of this “rare” ruled vintage adding machine tape. Unlike standard examples of vintage paper easily obtained from the fly leaves of old books and other sources, this sample’s unusual and specific characteristics set it apart, and have precluded discovery of any additional examples so far!! Neither The Smithsonian Institution nor Thomas A. Russo’s Museum of Business Machines & Technology, housing two of the most complete vintage business machine collections known, have a sample of this unique old business machine rolled receipt tape.

Bonnie’s “True” Signature

The release of Bonnie’s lost poem “The Street Girl” in 2006, seems to have finally revealed Bonnie Parker’s true signature for all to see. Bonnie's unusual “vertical” style and diagonal positioning of her 1st and last names closely match her signature within The Bonnie & Clyde Signatures. According to Emily J. Will, it’s rare for people to form their signatures vertically. Although there are some differences noted in comparing these signatures, there are numerous unmistakable similarities, letter formations & style matches present between the Bonnie Parker signature samples.

Time Frames and a “Hard Reality”

We believe The Bonnie & Clyde Signatures were likely signed between January 1933 and May 1934, when the couple would have possessed the notoriety to have been asked for their autographs. But with peace officer pursuit of the outlaws so intense between mid 1933 & early 1934...we believe it logical to feel the signatures to have been signed sooner within this time period rather than later.

In reading “The Street Girl” it’s fatalistic content and drug references, seemingly aided by experience...apparently point to Bonnie’s poem having been written near the end for her. Although so many similarities existed between the Bonnie scripts being compared, in attempting to reconcile differences Ms. Will noted...we realized her more “neatly” written Barrow station signature, may have been inscribed prior to the Wellington crash in June 1933...and her more “loosely” formed Street Girl script afterward.

This realization, lead us to consider the possibility, Bonnie’s handwriting & signature could have been affected by her reported use of morphine & amytal to ease her pain from her Wellington crash injuries and from later gunshot wounds. W. D. Jones made reference to Bonnie’s drug use within his ‘68 Playboy interview...saying Bonnie had gotten to such a state, Clyde had to help her get off drugs. Dixie Sedgewick in portraying Bonnie, noted her use of amytal... a powerful Barbiturate known to cause nightmares, hallucinations and poor coordination. Neurologist Dr. Richard Rhee, felt that Bonnie’s drug use could have affected her signature.

No Signature to Compare To

Further nixing forgery as a possibility, was the fact that with “no” example of Bonnie’s true & incredibly “rare” signature apparently available prior to 2006...for a forgery scenario to be considered, the key question of how anyone could have nefariously formed Bonnie’s unique signature would need to be answered. Bonnie’s signatures compared within this inquiry, were all “vertically” written, “angularly” placed & “too close” in style & formation to have been guessed.

As a note of interest, when I first approached Alan Olson, he made a point to ask me how Bonnie‘s signature was configured within the signatures I possessed. Upon my describing the vertical nature and angle of Bonnie’s script, it was only then, Alan referred me to his friend L. J. “Boots” Hinton. I would later learn why Alan asked me this crucial question. Within his duties at The Dallas Historical Society, Alan had previously seen Bonnie’s newly discovered poem “The Street Girl” prior to auction...& was aware of Bonnie’s signatures written upon it’s reverse, & of their unique style.

The “Irrefutable” Clue

Clyde's “Dallas, Texas” tag

By far, the most intriguing clue relating to The Bonnie and Clyde Signatures has been Clyde Barrow’s inscription of Dallas, Texas formed beneath his
signature. In adding this puzzling addendum to his name, Clyde not only matched the location where he and Bonnie reportedly signed their names for Mr. Brice within the Signatures’ provenance...but also fueled speculation as to “why” he would have chosen to provide this individualized tag to his signature??

It was this Dallas, Texas tag’s unusual handwriting traits which ultimately led to my purchase of the signatures, when favorably compared to the postcard Clyde had addressed to Cumie Barrow. But it wouldn’t be until the scrutiny of his signature 70 years later, the “astounding” revelation as to why Clyde amended his autograph, would be revealed.

During the investigation Winston asked “Boots” Hinton about Clyde’s unusual but seemingly purposeful addition to his signature. Within his response, Mr. Hinton didn’t break stride.. telling Winston, Clyde was sometimes known to have signed “where he was” along with his signature;...but not always. L. J. “Boots” Hinton knew the answer!!...but just “how” did he know??

When asked how he was aware of this remarkable Clyde Barrow trait, “Boots” replied.. “Ted told me”. In relating his many recollections of Bonnie & Clyde to his son, Ted Hinton who knew Clyde...had disclosed some of Clyde Barrow’s most personal habits to “Boots”. Mr. Hinton provided an affidavit for this inquiry, stating his Father Ted Hinton was the source of this fascinating & obscure fact...about this “exceedingly” rare personal habit of Clyde’s.

Within his affidavit, “Boots” stated that in all the countless interviews and talks he’s given regarding Bonnie & Clyde, he has never disclosed this unique Clyde Barrow trait to anyone before. He further said he has never seen this rare habit of Clyde’s published in any history of Bonnie & Clyde he is aware of, and feels this Clyde signature may be the only surviving example, of Clyde signing his name such as this, which he was sometimes known to do...but not usually!

This rare “1st hand” information re: Clyde Barrow courtesy of legendary lawman Ted Hinton, can only be described as thoroughly “remarkable” ...and may be the one clue beyond all others, which is considered “irrefutable”...& lends an iron clad exclamation point, for support of the signatures’ authenticity!!

What Would The Odds Have Been??

With just “one” living individual likely aware of this “rare” Clyde Barrow trait...“and” with no other example known of Clyde signing his name such as this...“and” without a published reference of Clyde’s unusual habit believed to exist... “and also” with Clyde’s location of Dallas, Texas matching the provenance of The Bonnie & Clyde Signatures... one would need to ask...“what would the odds have been” for anyone other than L. J. “Boots” Hinton, to have also known of this “incalculably” rare order to somehow decide to include it in creating these signatures??

Those close to our investigation, feel those odds “too long” to consider, for anyone to have possessed knowledge of “all” of the rare facts mentioned...which would’ve been needed to fabricate both the story along & the signatures.

If all the rarities discovered within this investigation would just be “too much” for any forger to have known...logically, forgery would be precluded as a possibility. Also, this number of improbable facts may soon increase, if a viable link between the Brice & Barrow families can be made. Our investigation may be close to identifying the Mr. Brice from the signature’s provenance...which would further strengthen the signatures’ claim to authenticity.

When you consider the lack of any true Bonnie Parker signature with which to compare, the rarity of the very specific paper which supports the signature’s story, the forensics & material science results and the intriguing circumstantial clues combined, we feel a solid case has been support The Bonnie and Clyde Signatures being a “remarkable” one of a kind artifact. These rare & wonderful signatures thus become the “only” example perhaps ever known...of iconic American outlaws Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow signing anything together!!

The Bonnie & Clyde Signatures will next be on exhibit at The Bonnie and Clyde Ambush Museum in Gibsland, La., and later in 2008, are expected at the new National Museum of Crime & Washington, DC.

Don’t miss the annual Bonnie & Clyde Ambush Festival, the weekend of May 23rd, 2008 in Gibsland La. I‘ll be there to enjoy a good time, for the historians meeting, to meet with friends & answer questions...with the signatures present.

Please direct questions or comments to me at...

Upon closing, I offer my “special” thanks to Rhea Leen Linder (Bonnie Ray Parker) and
Buddy Barrow Williams...for helping uncover the truth, regarding your aunt & uncle’s rare signatures.

I leave you with pictures from my trip to Dallas, Texas and Gibsland, Louisiana,
along with my “thanks” to all...for your interest in The Bonnie & Clyde Signatures.
- A. Winston Woodward