Texas Hall of State
Dallas, Texas

Bonnie and Clyde Exhibit including The Bonnie and Clyde Signatures
Main hallway...Texas Hall of State

The Dallas Historical Society Bonnie and Clyde exhibit December 2007

Close up of the Bonnie and Clyde Exhibit

Includes a Wooden jewelry box handmade by Clyde for Blanche while Clyde was in prison, Buck & Blanche’s marriage license recovered
from the Joplin Raid, a handwritten letter from Blanche to her father, written while Blanche was in prison, a Bureau of Investigation
Bonnie & Clyde wanted poster, a Bonnie & Clyde souvenir pamphlet printed after the 1967 movie.. and The Bonnie & Clyde Signatures.

The Bonnie and Clyde Signatures on display in Dallas

My “thanks” to DHS Curator Alan Olson and the Dallas Historical Society staff, for showcasing the signatures...
and for sponsoring the public unveiling of such a personal & rare Bonnie & Clyde artifact.

Blanche’s jewelry box made for her by Clyde

Buck and Blanche’s marriage license, recovered in the Joplin raid and later returned to the family

Letter written by Blanche to her father...while she was in prison

Bonnie & Clyde Division of Investigation wanted poster issue May 21st, 1934...just 2 days before the ambush

Bonnie & Clyde souvenir pamphlet published in 1968, after renewed interest from the 1967 movie release