Barrow station and residence back yard

Barrow residence (rear)

Barrow residence back porch

Barrow residence view of back yard from porch

Barrow residence back door

View of Barrow residence through back porch window

Barrow station and residence opposite side...from yard

Concrete slab visible this side of building denotes area where additional portion of station once stood...
destroyed by act of violence (fire bomb attack) after the B&C ambush. Thatís when roof was re-built.

Foundation of garage.. once located left rear corner of back yard is still visible. At one time,
there were two buildings which stood behind the Barrow filling station and residence.

The other structure stood here...right rear corner of lot.

The McBride house where Clyde killed Tarrant County Deputy Sheriff Malcolm Davis

Despite having sunk lower into the ground, the residence is remarkably unchanged from the 1930ís
photos of it. Itís now owned by a local church, who uses it to provide church school lessons.

The McBride house close up of the famous porch where the killing occurred

Clyde was said to have stood near the bottom left of the photo, in shooting Malcolm Davis, who fell across the front step and onto
the porch. I was struck by the close proximity of Clydeís grave to this house, both Hamilton homes & the Barrow station not far away.