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Cast of "The Barrow Gang" - An Independant film

Directed by Sean Hughes

Anthony Snow       ...Clyde Barrow  
Bethany Harper     ...Bonnie Parker  
Stephen Pocock     ...Buck Barrow  
Johnna Schmidt     ...Blanche Barrow  
Mark Gorney        ...W.D. Jones  
John Flanagan(VI)  ...Raymond Hamilton 

The Best version ever of the Bonnie-and-Clyde saga is called "The Barrow Gang".
A seven-minute sample reel in black-and-white features some
torrid action and arresting unknowns as the bandit outlaws.

The Hideout is regularly in touch with Sean Hughes - Director of the 1995 treasure "The Barrow Gang".

Sean Hughes, director of "The Barrow Gang" has made several trailers which are better and which shows
different scenes and includes sound. He is currently editing and re-editing that film, and told me he'll
have them posted in the near future. In the Hideout he currently shares his experiences relating to his 1995
Barrow Gang flick - and will also write an "Open Letter" to the Hideout visitors. Maybe a few anecdotes
as well. Also found here, is his production stills and comparison pictures of his actors vs the real thing.



Below, are some stills from the movie...

A realistic Bonnie and Clyde

The laws startle Blanche and Buck from their sleep

Blanche panics!

Bonnie Parker is armed - and ready for action

Shooting begins at the Red Crown

The laws answer back with lead

Blanche comes to Buck's rescue

Real Red Crown cabins (below) - compared to
Mr. Hughes' movie cabins (above)

Director Sean Hughes' interesting insites behind "The Barrow Gang"

A "clothes call" for the Barrow Gang
As for the costumes, my wife, Marie Joie is an exceptional talent. It was her dream to work
as a costumer before we met. (We've been together for over 25 years.) She worked for years
for the prestigious A.C.T theater group in San Francisco in their costume department and was
responsible often for the costuming for huge casts. M.J built all the women's costumes by hand
and not a shoe or hat was not of the period. For the famous top knitted dress she had to hire
a professionalto do the knitted section, but it was exact in every way, form fitted for Bethany.
The men's hat's had to have the correct size brims (she would cut them up if they weren't) and
the suits, the right cut for the period. She scoured every vintage store she could for years, from
here to New York before a single shot was filmed. For the extras, a few concessions were made,
but not without scrutiny. A big difference in style from the mid 1920's to 1934 almost yearly.
One of the biggest abominations of Penn's "Bonnie & Clyde," were the inaccurate costumes.
The same went for the props, as well as the sets. We built the Red Crown cabins from scratch.

Enter Bethany Harper AKA Bonnie Parker
When I first started to put some kind of production together, it was just myself and a talented fellow by
the name of John Johnson. We had to cast and crew it with people willing to work for nothing, which
was no easy task. I had a few actors lined up for Clyde, but I complained about not finding a suitable
"Bonnie Parker" anywhere. In my opinion the role of Bonnie Parker was pivotal, as she was what really
made the story compelling as far as I was concerned. Desperate, I asked Johnny to really keep on the
lookout and to think of anyone that he thought could possibly play the part of Bonnie Parker - a hard
order to fill. He just shrugged his shoulders. Oh well, it was my responsibility anyway. Meanwhile,
with no "Bonnie" in our sights, John's longtime girlfriend finally came out to San Francisco from
Tennessee (whom I hadn't even seen a picture of ). She answered the door one night when I came
to his place to discuss the project with John and I was floored...there she was...Bonnie Parker.

As for Bethany Harper, she never acted a day in her life before TBG, yet she was one of the best
in it - and one of the hardest workers as well. She helped do everything - including construction
and craft service! (She is also the one of nicest persons you could ever meet.) I lost touch with
Bethany a while back and last I heard she moved back to Tennessee and married some lucky guy.

Red Crown Tavern - Real to Reel
As for the Red Crown Tavern set, the real genius, who deserves credit for it's construction, is
Guy Smith who owns the property where we filmed the bulk of the footage. He took a look
at the photo and jotted down some notes and that was that. No blueprints or anything. The
main structure was built in two weeks. The brick was fashioned out of Styrofoam. M.J and
Bethany painted it to look like brick.It would have worked in color, it looked so real. I think
that set is still standing, minus the Styrofoam. Guy also built the armored car from a rusted out
old Dodge pickup truck amongst the many on his property. There's an endless list of amazing
things he did for us. Guy Smith deserves a five page article just on his contributions alone.

Raymond, Clyde and Bonnie looking to buy some B.A.R.s

Dealer will throw in this cool Winchester for free!

a scene from the Wellington Crash

pulling Bonnie out of burning car

All movie stills shown in this section are courtesy of Sean Hughes