Can someone say "DOPPELGANGER"?
Can someone say "REINCARNATION"?

Surely the resemblances here are uncanny

The similarities below, where compared to selected photos and looking at other photos
of the same people may likely discount any further similarities.

Outlaws Reincarnated

Bonnie Parker and Bristol Palin
Clyde Barrow and Levi Johnston

Bonnie Parker and Bristol Palin share the same initials too.

Bristol is daughter of Sarah Palin, former Governor of Alaska.
Levi Johnston is her former FiancÚ.


Clyde Barrow and Bob Dylan

Comparison image above was made from the original photos seen below.

Music icon Bob Dylan was 25 years old in 1966. Early on Beatty had considered Dylan for
the part of Clyde Barrow in the Warner Bros. movie. Judging from the uncanny likeness in
the photos below, it's not hard to see why the 5'6" youth was being considered for the part!

Charlie Manson victim Jay Sebring looked like Clyde Barrow in death.
The eerie photo (below) was made "clickable" due to it's GRAPHIC nature.
Clyde Barrow Lookalike photo

Clyde Barrow and "Machine Gun" Jack McGurn

German Waffen-SS tank commander Michael Wittmann and Clyde Barrow

Clyde Barrow and Sean Faris

Sean Faris had been cast four years ago, replacing Kevin Zegers, who was cast five years ago
to portray Clyde Barrow in the never gonna happen movie "The Story of Bonnie and Clyde".

Singer/songwriter Bob Geldof and Clyde Barrow

Clyde Barrow and actor David Duchovny

Bonnie Parker and 1920s/1930s actress Norma Shearer

Bonnie Parker and Helen Keller

Silent Screen actress Clara Bow and Bonnie Parker

Bonnie was an avid reader of the Hollywood magazines, keeping up with the latest.
Bonnie wrote in her diary, that she was feeling blue and went to the movies where
she watched "The Primrose Path" starring Clara Bow. I'm sure that she admired
and maybe inwardly tried to emulate her favorite motion picture star of that era!

Bonnie Parker and actress Maggie Gyllenhaal

Bonnie Parker and French actress Ketti Gallian

Bonnie Parker and oops...Anderson Cooper

Huron Ted Walters and actor Sam Worthington

Floyd Hamilton and Stockholm businessman John Hamilton (no relation, I believe)

Huron Ted Walters and actor Jason Statham

W.D. Jones and actor Michael Shannon

Nice hair style... to you both!

W.D. Jones and retired General Colin Powell

Brent (Lt. Commander Data) Spiner and Henry Methvin

"Uncle Bud" Russell and former POTUS L.B.J.

and actor Ed O'Neal

Ralph Fults and actor George Clooney

Barrow associate Joe Palmer and golf pro Corey Pavin

W.D. Jones and actor Chris Noth

(older) W.D. Jones and actor Ian McKellen

Buck Barrow and Cy Cumin (leadman - The FIXX)
I'm led to believe that "One thing leads to another"!

Buck Barrow and actor Jake Gyllenhaal

Blanche Barrow and actress Sarah Hyland

Ok, ok...good casting choice here Ms. Kilpatrick!

Blanche Barrow and Russian model Natasha Poly

Marie Barrow Scoma and veteran actress Doris Roberts

Marie Barrow and screen actress Una Merkel

Uniformed Look Alikes
Brothers in arms?

H. D. Murphy (Grapevine victim) and Julian "Buck" Blagg (Korean War Veteran)

H. D. Murphy (Grapevine victim) and Lt. James Houston (1945 U.S. Navy Fighter Pilot)

Capt. Polk Ivy and actor Michael York

Patrolman Ivy survived the shootings at Grapevine, Texas
and went on to become a Capt. for the Highway Patrol in Amarillo.

Sheriff Smoot and cyclist Lance Armstrong

Oddly, before becoming Sheriff, Smoot ran Smoot's Guaranty Cycle Company in Dallas.

Raymond Hamilton and actor Matt Damon

Raymond Hamilton and Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger resembles Raymond Hamilton so much, that he is
my favorite look alike yet, with endless comparison photos.

Hamilton associate Ted R. Brooks and model/actor Brody Jenner

Brody Jenner is the son of former olympian Bruce Jenner

Drew Barrwmore and Faye Dunaway

Elton John, Steve McQueen, Orson Welles and Michael J. Pollard

War Hero turned actor - Audie Murphy and W.D. Jones